The easiest way to create & modify your eAPIS Manifest

Easy AirJourney has been created to make the life of the pilot much easier with international flights, when leaving and entering the United States. Easy Journey is a web-based application allowing pilots to create easily eAPIS XML manifests and current general declaration forms required to fly outbound (C7 in English and Spanish for the Bahamas and Mexico, and the C7A departing the Bahamas)




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Since May 18th, 2009, each pilot flying in & out of the US is required to submit a manifest to the Department of Homeland Security. For almost 10 years, we have been workin with pilots to make their life easier. The Airjourney Team has created an internet based application available for pilots. Easy AirJourney saves the information of all airplanes, pilots, passengers and manifests. You can also copy and invert manifests in the case you are flying the same legs back and forth. To satisfy completely our customers we have added the General Declarations needed to land into a foreign country. These Gen Dec will be completed automaticaly by creating an eAPIS manifest. To go further, we have also added the checklists for flying to the Bahamas, Canada, Cayman Islands and Mexico.
With Easy Journey you should now be able to fly internationally without the fear of missing a procedure.


 What is included:
- All the checklists for flying to the Bahamas, Mexico, Cayman Islands and Canada
- "One click" manifest to upload the eAPIS Manifest
- Automatic creation of the General Declarations (C7 – C7A)
- Prepare and save your documents and flight manifest in advance
- Edit, copy and invert all flights for a faster and easier document creation
- Yearly subscription with free updates
- Access your personal session from any computer connected to internet
- Up to 5 different airplanes to save in the data base and infinite numbers of Pilots/Passengers      


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